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No family would be complete without the big, domineering, yet assuring presence of the “biggest” member: the “daddy”. The Ketapang suite is just that; a large suite, fit for 4-6 people, with spacious living space that will ensure the little ones enjoy just enough space as the older folks. Space is not its only perk; 2 comfortable beds side by side also ensure that the kids actually get a chance to not sleep on the floor (which as many families know, commonly happens in big box hotels)


The boisterous, playful boy of the family, the Cocos suite represents a cosy getaway with enough space for a small family of around 4 to a couples retreat just for 2. This bright, colourful suite is appropriately coloured yellow, ensuring the kids (and their parents) have a fun, fun, fun stay.


A mothers job is to protect, nurture and generally love the entire family. Fitting that role perfectly is the Ixora suite, a pale beige, white “Mum” generally more suited towards the elderly; be it a slightly older couple looking to rekindle their honeymoon romance, or the in-laws that come with the girl/guy of your dreams.


The sweet, demure little girl of the Neem family, the Kemboja creates less of an impact than its other family members, but its small, petite, appearance may be just what many newly wed couples looking for a honeymoon retreat are craving for. This small suite, more isolated from its counterparts, is just enough for 2, with all the necessary bath soaps, blankets and pillows to ensure couples a night they will never forget.


Although the Neem may appear to be a rustic, “kampong” style looking area, we do not skimp on common comforts one might expect from a commercial hotel. Each suite is fully air-conditioned, but the breeze outside on a windy day might just change your mind about staying indoors.

Stepping into a bathroom in one of the suites teleports guests to a simpler, more hassle-free life. With a large, clay “tempayan” acting as a washbasin, guests are able to enjoy a refreshing “cebok” shower. For those who prefer to stick to showers, our bathrooms are fully equipped with rain showers which are supplied with hot water, and are also complete with an array of spices, bath soaps and shampoos, making each bath a wonderful experience.

Unlike many commercial hotels which one might find in Melaka, or anywhere else for that matter, the Neem’s parking lot is located right outside the lobby, ensuring that your car remains where you can see it.

Nothing beats a good night sleep. Well, except maybe waking up to an excellent breakfast after a good night sleep. This simple, vintage designed, “kopitiam” like kitchen whips up scrumptious meals, with the occasional special “surprise meal” cooked up at random by none other than the owner himself.

The gift shop in the Neem offers no run-of-the-mill, tacky souvenirs. Instead, Spice of Life, the main supplier to the Neems prestigious gift store, offers exotic, seldom seen genuine art and craft items which appropriately represent Malaysia’s rich and colourful culture.

Honestly, when it comes to pools, nobody wants to do laps or break their new PB in a triathlon when they’re on a holiday. Instead, the Neem presents an appropriately sized pool, complete with a wooden deck surrounding it, enabling guests to laze around, completely free of worry, while held up by the buoyancy of water. Best of all: no crowding. With only 4 people to a pool, the Neem ensures that each family gets appropriate usage of the pool.

Ever jumped on a huge trampoline before? Chances are, you haven’t. With a large retaining net surrounding the main “take-off site”, our large trampoline ensures that kids (an adults, assuming you don’t weigh over a hundred and fifty kilos) are able to have loads of fun without breaking anything.

Space is of the essence when it comes to resort style like homes. Opening the doors, guests step out into a windy, lush green opening equipped with deck chairs and tables overlooking the swimming pool, where worries are just blown away by the wind. Children are able to run around, while parents watch at the side while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea generously supplied by the kitchen while enjoying the cool, Malaccan breeze.